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So misandry isn’t real but otherkins, demisexuals, and girlf*gs are?

  1. girlf*gs? really? shame on you
  2. are you seriously whining about a thing like misandry
  3. otherkins are real and you should fear us
  4. demisexuals are just as real and…

It’s not a slur that’s literally what they call themselves. All I’m saying is if that counts as being real then so does sexism against men

please could you both stop, this is tiggering my ptsd from the internet. I just came out as a Demisexual to my parents, when I told them that I’m attracted to people that I’m attracted to.. well.. they nearly lost it…

I think otherkins are glorified zoophiles. Misandry is real. If that’s really the definition of a Demisexual then I assume everyone is a demisexual. Girlfags is new, unless the * is actually in the name then what the fuck? But I assume this is for a sect of lesbians that uses one menial thing separate them from just saying lesbian.


MM Expert Marijane Gray with Marilyn’s actual iconic white bathing suit from her 1957 photo shoot with Sam Shaw. Marijane is a modern us size six (uk size ten) and it is too small for her. Of course all sizes and shapes are beautiful, but this is a reminder that you can be petite and have curves, which is the proportion of your body shape, not your weight.

She had 12 abortions.

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